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Mirc war scripts

Mirc war scripts

Name: Mirc war scripts

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23 Apr This is Socket Bot mode. Just copy all of contains in the box to remote and save it. Rename all name X-Force with your bot nick. Right click on. 21 Mar Well I need a war script. Certain: Every time somone kickes me I come back and kick ban them if they ban me it unbans me then comes back. mIRC WAR SCRIPTS. Scripters-X War Edition V.1 · Scripters-X War Edition V.2 · Xceleration Script Edition · Xcalibre Script · SYN IRC Script · InFeKTeD.

Does anyone know where i can get a mIrc war sript that can take over a channel without you being an op. Also does anyone know where I could get a Progra. Added: 21 Jun , Mirc Script, BattleBot is a pickup bot that will run in tandem .. An irssi copy based on war-manager, an irssi irc script to manage your clan's . Ok, basically this essay will be a compilation of the type of Bots/Scripts I have . The Clone/Flood/War bot has the potential to be the most powerful, and the most .

24 Jul Faking /ctcp replies; How to spoof via https proxys; War Scripts; Editorial - IRC wars, another perspective; Some interesting articles by Packet. Best War Script, Ammnontet, 9/30/01 AM. Can someone point me to a link for the best all around war script or Add on for Mirc? Thank you. Best War Script. Death`Angel Script This is a highly advanced script for war and protection, however it Mirc dlls. Daily dlls. Flooders. Nukers. Bombers. Anti Bombers. Spoofers. 8 Apr Ky script shërben për shume gjera duke nisur nga lufta në IRC deri te script purpose | Channel war kick games ; | Channel war scripting. IRC is a full MSL Script for mIRC, the most popular Windows IRC client. Eggdrop administration script with mIRC/KVIrc interface aimed on clans (war manager.


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